About Julia

juliaJulia has a rich and varied background having practiced law, danced professionally, and lived and worked abroad in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. She began dabbling in yoga as a side bar to her dance and legal careers until her heart was blasted open in a bliss-filled Urdhva Dhanurasana in an Anusara workshop with Todd Norian and Ann Greene. She began to pursue Anusara yoga more seriously, and discovered that of all her many travels and careers, she'd found a place to settle, a home for her body, her mind and her spirit.

julia In 2005, she completed Todd Norian's Anusara Yoga Teacher Training and for 2 years thereafter, was a frequent assistant of Todd's at workshops, retreats and teacher training. In 2006, she was granted "RYT" (Registered Yoga Teacher) status from the Yoga Alliance and Anusara-Inspired status from the former Anusara Yoga, now the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. Also in 2006, she settled in the Boston area and began pursuing a full-time career as a yoga teacher.

juliaJulia still speaks German fluently, some Italian, a little Spanish, a little Swedish, a little American Sign Language and even Canadian (anglo Canadian, eh?). She also danced again after a few years' hiatus and is honored to have performed with Boston area modern dance choreographers Bec Conant, Kelley Donovan and retired Tufts University Dance Dept Chair Alice Trexler.

julia Julia is grateful for the tremendous love and support of her family, Mamma Ulla, Brother Carl, Sister-In-Law Alexandra, Nephews Elias, Jonas & Isaac, and Dad Philip, who passed away in 2004 but whose love and support is with her still.