Read Om Girl's blog for a June 2008 review of a class with Julia. Om Girl is Rebecca Pacheco, a writer and Baptiste-trained yoga teacher who now works for Boston Magazine.

Listen to Jose Masso, host of NPR's salsa music program, Con Salsa, talk about Julia on the air (Nov. 2008).

"Julia is amazing at what she does. By following her words – for example, her use of imagery, metaphors and clear explanations of how the body and muscles are working in each asana – I can confidently hold a pose and know my energy is shifting each time I practice with her. Yet, I believe her teaching is much more than physical; she is deeply spiritual and has helped me reconnect to and deepen my own spirituality. I have seen changes for the better in my attitude about different life situations, my attitude toward others, and how I move in the world because of Anusara yoga training with Julia."
-- Cecelia R.

"I met Julia when she was assisting at a Todd Norian workshop in Boston and was immediately attracted to her energy, grace and beauty. Soon after, I started working with her privately and my yoga practice blossomed. Julia gives me the guidance and confidence to do any pose - she is my yoga guru!"
-- Karen D.

"I have taken yoga classes with more than a dozen different instructors. It was clear to me in my first session with Julia Novina that she stands out in several ways. Her attitude is one of respectful service to those of us in the class. In each session, she not only composes a cohesive and effective series of moves for our bodies, but she also blends in appropriate doses of relevant explanation and philosophy. Julia's positive energy and fun style complements the rigor and deep body benefits from participating in one of her sessions. I would recommend Julia highly for any level of yoga practitioner."
-- Steve F.

"Julia is a fantastic yoga teacher - knowledgeable, fun and inspiring. She has completely transformed the way I practice yoga. My practice used to be very static and external as my main focus was on just bringing myself into the pose. My practice now feels so much more rich and vibrant. Thanks to Julia's expert guidance and her wonderful gift of distilling information so it is crystal clear, I am much more attuned to what is happening inside my body. Julia's Anusara-inspired teaching has made me aware of the dynamics and flow of internal energy and the opening of the heart. Julia radiates a grace and positive energy that she imparts to her teaching and her students."  
-- Donna E.

“Julia is very committed, articulate, and passionate about Anusara-inspired yoga. Her humor, originality and self expression always keeps it lively. Julia's clear and original explanations, demonstrations, and assists succeed in the tough job of making visible the inner subtleties of the postures.”
-- Jeff H.

"Julia was my first yoga teacher and after just one class, I was hooked, attending her group classes regularly and eventually added private lessons. Her teaching is really amazing. Classes and private sessions with her were the only time of my week that I truly escaped my busy world - I left feeling both more relaxed and yet more refreshed and energized. Every time. Her instructions are also so good and so clear that I advanced quickly to the intermediate level - she saw my potential before I did, and led me to do poses I never knew I could do, showing me both my own strength and my openness."
-- Alex S.

"There are, for me, three basic hooks about Julia's teaching. One is the Anusara approach. A lot of philosophy and imagery along with the poses, so you understand what you're doing and how it works into a larger concept. That's helpful to me. Gives my mind something to think about as I go through the physical effort. Second, is Julia's unusually soothing, almost motherly voice. It's like a bathing wind throughout her sessions. Third, is her unbounded enthusiasm for yoga and her constant attention to detail with her students as they move through poses. She's not the inattentive, generalized teacher. She's hands on. Her classes are more than a workout. Consistently, they are a liberation... Like a favorite chocolate, she makes me want to keep coming back for my weekly (or sometimes bi- and tri- weekly) dose!"
-- Andrew B.

“Thanks, Julia for being a caring and knowledgeable yoga instructor. I enjoy your classes very much. I appreciate the explanations you give us about the work we do during each class and what is the benefit for our bodies. I have gained flexibility and my body is getting stronger. I love your classes and I am very grateful for the love and work you put in them.”
-- Gabriela A.

"Julia's teaching met me where I was, making my way back to yoga. I had previously resisted detail from another yoga lineage but Julia's delivery of Anusara, lighthearted and oh-so-grounded, allows me to receive and apply detailed information. Spots I thought needed focus received attention, as did areas not yet fully in my awareness. I would submit that folks coming from other styles, or looking for one, will find Julia balances wise effort in practice with a sort of surrendering to what is."
-- Max R.

"My favorite yoga instructor is Julia Novina as her Anusara-Inspired Yoga class is the only thing between me and old age! I think her class is terrific – I get a lot out of it - and as often as possible, I move other things around in my schedule to make it to her class. She is the best yoga instructor I have ever had!"
-- Paul H.

“I really enjoy your classes a lot; I feel progress in myself, becoming stronger and more focused. You are an excellent teacher and keep me going!”
-- Andrea F.